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App development in iPhone vs Android

July 3, 2009

Wandering around the web I found this article: The article talks about a comparison from software developer point of view of developing apps for iPhone and Android.

The chosen language for iPhone is Objective-C and for Android is Java. My opinion on this is : if you want a true comparison between the two platforms you should  stick to one language.  Here is a summary quote from the article:

Android’s platform and developer tools are excellent. Leveraging Java and the Eclipse IDE are major winning factors for Android. Apple’s developer tools are shockingly bad by comparison. The Objective-C language and platform APIs are cumbersome and poorly organized. Overall when developing for the iPhone I felt like I was back in 1993. These factors combined in my estimation make application development about three times more expensive when developing for iPhone. The only area where Apple’s developer tools excelled was in profiling and heap analysis.