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Sony Ericsson’s Android UI

July 9, 2009

A video showing the new user interface of the Sony Ericsson’s Android phone (that we talked about a couple of days ago) is spreading around the web.

Sony Ericsson, as HTC did with the Sense interface, is therefore working on a customized user interface to add to its phones. If the video will be confirmed, the new system will be quite good looking (maybe not as good as the HTC sense) and intuitive and with more integration with social services like Facebook and Twitter.



Android Developer Challenge 2

July 7, 2009

This august Google will launch the second Android Developer Challenge.

The first challenge (full results here) gave us many of the interesting applications available now on the Android Market, such as CompareEverywhere, ShopSavvy or Wikitude. The new challenge will be focused more on the users feedback: for the first round in fact, a special ADC 2 voting application will be available to download from the market, and will allow users to download and rate the applications submitted to the contest. This results will generate a list of the 20 top applications for each category that will then access the second round and will be rated by the users in the same manner. This final rating will contribute with the 45% of the final score, the other 55% left to a Google-selected judging team.

All new and unpublished applications can be summitted to the contest, and must run on Android 1.5 and be in English. Read the rest of this entry ?


Sony Ericsson’s first Android phone

July 5, 2009


A danish site published the pictures of what the new Sony Ericsson Android phone (codename Rachel) will look like.

It is expected by the end of 2009 and it will probably run Android 2.0. The hardware specs looks pretty good, it will be based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform, so processor speeds up to 1Ghz, 3d capabilities, an 8.1MegaPixel camera with autofocus and flash, 3,5mm audio jack and mini-usb port. Not much is know about the screen details, it will be obviously touchscreen with no less than 4 inches expected.

Both the look and the hardware capabilites look pretty amazing, the Android phones battle is getting intense 🙂



Archos media tablet

July 3, 2009

According to Pocket-lint, the 15th of September Archos will release an “ultra-thin Internet Media Tablet combined with a mobile phone” based on Android.

The device will have a high-resolution 5” screen, Adobe Flash support, 500MB hard-drive and a 7.2Mbps HSUPA connectivity.



App development in iPhone vs Android

July 3, 2009

Wandering around the web I found this article: The article talks about a comparison from software developer point of view of developing apps for iPhone and Android.

The chosen language for iPhone is Objective-C and for Android is Java. My opinion on this is : if you want a true comparison between the two platforms you should  stick to one language.  Here is a summary quote from the article:

Android’s platform and developer tools are excellent. Leveraging Java and the Eclipse IDE are major winning factors for Android. Apple’s developer tools are shockingly bad by comparison. The Objective-C language and platform APIs are cumbersome and poorly organized. Overall when developing for the iPhone I felt like I was back in 1993. These factors combined in my estimation make application development about three times more expensive when developing for iPhone. The only area where Apple’s developer tools excelled was in profiling and heap analysis.



Flash 10 coming soon on Android

July 2, 2009

The HTC Hero will be the first Android device with support for Adobe® Flash® and ActionScript® 2.0.

It will be a release integrated into the HTC Hero ROM, so there isn’t yet a version of the Flash Player that can be installed on other Android devices. A full Flash Player 10 will be probably released by the end of 2009, and it will be available also for Windows Mobile, Nokia S60/Symbian, and new Palm devices. Blackberrys and iPhones are left out, mainly because of technical issues (there’s the need to work on lower layers of the OS, and the iPhone and Blackberry don’t allow that) and because of Apple’s business choices, which try to push their own technology, Quicktime. Flash on iPhone is therefore not expected anytime soon.

Read the full article with video from Adobe here.



HTC Sense running on the G1

July 1, 2009

In the video below you can see a G1 (Htc Dream) running the new HTC user interface.

HTC Sense, aka Rosie, is the brand new customization of the Android OS developed by HTC specifically for the upcoming HTC Hero. As we can see, it can be already flashed to other devices, even if it still looks a bit slow and laggy on the G1. All the Android HTC devices so far mount the same Qualcomm processor @ 528MHz, but the HTC Hero will have 288MB of RAM, same amount for the HTC Magic and against the 192MB of the G1.

There will be chances then for the Magic users to see the new cool interface running smoothly on their devices.